Mastering Q'S.

So. In my journey through the world of mastering I’ve run into a few obstacles. Some more difficult than others. Maybe someone could help point me in the direction of the nearest epic win?

My biggest concern is that when I export my tunes from Renoise things tend to be a bit to quiet. Better than too loud like with some other programs. I’ve been figuring out my way around it by working at a low volume like 20% and getting everything reasonably loud so that when I export I have room to raise the overall volume of the track. Things tend to come out at a reasonable volume without any distortion or clipping. It seems to be working but I’m pretty sure that is not the correct way to do it and I’m starting to wonder if something is wrong with my setup.

Maybe it’s all just in the mastering and EQing. I’ve been learning how to EQ and learning where my kicks, hats, and snares should render on the master scope. Any pointers though?


When EQing, use the master spectrum. It is similar to the EQ. It will help you find out what to boost :drummer: