Heya folks!

One of the big mysteries of a finished product is the mastering process. How does it work, and is it really worth it? I can tell you as much - it REALLY is worth it. My good friend Jonas Kroon is a soundengineer of extraordinary talents, and he has recently made his services available to the outside world.

His mastering is not done “in the box”. He runs everything through a classic analog mixing console (Neve) and will treat your track with that subtle warmth digital sometimes is missing. I will not go into much more detail - but if you are looking for a mastering engineer you can trust - this is your man. He has done my mastering the last few years, and the difference from my mix to the finished master is incredible. He has also done mix and master for movies, TV commercials and well known bands in Norway.

I thought I would share this here, since there are a lot of online services that are crap. This one I personally guarantee a great result.

Go to the link below for more information, and do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding this.