Match Beats To Waveform

I’m trying to learn, and I’ve heard that one technique is to set up a waveform(a song full of beats)in one track and then match up a midi track to the beats on the waveform and then mess around with setting samples to the midi track.

I wondering if there is a way, or how I would go about doing this in renoise.

How about slicing the beats up and using dblue’s slices to pattern tool to give you a guide?

I’ve managed to get it working after a few tries, but it doesnt seem to be working accurately, I set up slices and as you can see from the images the beats arent in the correct places, maybe its something I’ve done.

It doesnt really matter though, I can do it manually, it just takes a bit longer.

Ah I think the slicing tool has a few quirks. You need to sync the loop using the instrument sync option and it’ll arrange the slices nicely