New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Slices To Pattern

Here is a very quick little tool that inserts slices into the pattern along with the accompanying note delays to maintain the original groove/timing. Seems like quite a few people have been asking how to do this, so here it is.

Slices To Pattern v1.02: (Renoise 2.8) (Also works in 3.0 — just let Renoise auto-upgrade the tool)
2773 org.illformed.SlicesToPattern_Rns280_V1.02.xrnx

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Sick !


I can’t get it to work though, dunno why…notes are placed but it doesn’t sound like the original at all (apache break from the Renoise dir). Is it working correctly with everyone else?

Ah, well spotted! It’s because this instrument has the slices mapped to the white keys only. I did not take this into consideration. I’ll try to get this fixed soon :)

In the meantime, if you regenerate the drumkit using both white and black keys then it should work correctly with my tool.

yeah, I though this was the problem first as well, but I actually loaded the sample from within the instrumet, so without any prior mapping. No, I think the problem is the octave setting, the script puts the note events at octave 4 (with the amen from the Renoise dir for example), while there is only sound when I transpose the notes down an octave to 3.

I was reading the base note values when I should have been reading the sample mappings. Should be fixed now. Give v1.01 a try (above).

Either way this is a pretty quick hack job, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some other issues crop up :)

Thnx, works!

Good work. Kudos given :)


just brilliant \m/

Thanks for the hack dblue but a more long term feature needs to be designed i would say
Some way to store patterns and pattern variations is obviously needed (Something i have asked for a long time ago and even did a little hack job myself to get it going)

This is a cool stop gap, but the feature definitely deserves a thorough think through.

It is useful to have libraries of patterns and sliced instruments that you can then swap and change as you like.

Fun is fun.

Thank you :D

This really helps with learning how trackers work. This would have saved alot of head scratching if this was in from day one.

Again, thank you very much for this.

PS Having a loop pool would be cool for storeing loop variations.

ey Dblue,

for a future update please consider adding an option to add note-offs whenever an event is automatically placed into an extra column. This to prevent a stray event from continuously looping (have the note-off at the same place a next event starts in the ‘main’ column?).

haha i thought ‘SICK’ when i read it …

see next replies :)

minds alike!


this is such a wonderful script!!! thank you!! :)

Great job dblue. This is something i’ve had in mind since i saw the first slicer implementation… Wonderful !