Match Slices To Tempo And Maintain Pitch

I think the title speaks for itself. I am very pleased with this update, and slicing. However, you still need to manually tune your breakbeat first, before you slice it. Wouldn’t it be great if the slices would automatically get stretched to tempo? I’m sure that if Propellerhead could do that in 1995, the Renoise team should be able to do it now. Or is it already there and am I overlooking something?

with manually tune, you mean pressing sync at the correct length?

Where is this sync? I don’t see it.

instrument settings tab, click the ‘samples’ section, then on the right bottom it says ‘sync’ which you can toggle on and off + set the amount of lines a loop should sync too.

edit: enabling this on the mainloop doesn’t automatically set the correct ‘sync’ settings for all your slices, but maybe through the new ‘t’ button something can be done?

Oh!! Brilliant! Love it. Thanks for that.

I suppose this thread can be locked now. :D