Matrix Blocks Mirrored In Scope View

Just had a thought that it would be useful to see the matrix blocks mirrored in the scopes. You could then see quite easily which tracks have data on them without the matrix open:

5613 Matrix Scope.png

having the X smaller as with Hats 2 tidies things up a bit too for bypassed tracks.

well that looks awesome :dribble:

Maybe it could also add a bit of functionality:

Double click on scope square - Opens/Focus Matrix with relevant square hilighted

Ctrl + Left-click hold and drag square to other scope - Copy-pastes to a target scope/track (As already done within matrix)

Shift + left-click - Hilight track in pattern

Always with modifier/ double-click so as not to interfere with current track muting etc.

To take this idea a step further you could have a drop down block pool to quickly swap out variations from other patterns and store unused ideas:

5669 Clap matrix block pool.png