Matrix Pattern Selections Via Keyboard

Would it be possible to make it so you can make non-continuous selections in the Pattern Matrix using the keyboard. I am talking about the same selections that are currently possible with the mouse by using Ctrl + Left Mouse Button. I would suggest Ctrl + Enter as this doesn’t seem to be assigned in the Matrix and quite closely follows the way it is achieved with the mouse.

As Renoise can already do the selections maybe this is even something that could be done for 2.6 final but I understand we are mainly concentrating on bug-squashing at the moment so understand if it isn’t considered until the next release.

i agree, this would be a nice addition. however, i’d rather see this ‘non-continuous selection’ behaviour implemented in the pattern editor (or please correct me if i’m wrong and this is already possible).

I don’t think you currently can in the Pattern Editor at all and agree it would be a nice addition. As it’s already possible with the mouse in the Matrix seems weird you can’t with the keyboard. This is a Tracker after all.

Back then when doing the matrix, I simply wasn’t sure how to get this done with the keyboard. I’ll give “Ctrl + Enter” a try, simply toggling the selection state at the cursor pos. If that works and feels OK, it should be OK to add this to 2.6…

Oh, now i remember the details again: Navigation with the keyboard in the matrix removes the selection, unless you are holding down shift. That’s why this didn’t worked, and also Control + Enter won’t work now.

Would need some kind of “second level selection”, or selection mode which does not to remove previous made selection when navigating around with the arrow keys.


Ctrl + Enter seemed most intuitive as it’s Ctrl + Click for most and Enter feels most like main clicking/selecting (although on its own is Mute/Unmute.) Just a matter of remembering that it kinda creates a box around your selection and uses the top left point as bases for pasting but that is the same with mouse selecting so don’t see it as a problem.

While having a quick play thought I had a little bug with the selection but think that was my error. It did cause me to notice another, very minor change I didn’t think was quite worth its own thread. On Insert New Empty Pattern would it be possible to keep the length of the current pattern rather than creating on of default length (I usually use 100hex and this creates ones of 40hex, confusing me slightly, especially if I start trying to copy and past into it from the Matrix.)

Just seen your second reply, made while I was typing.

Preference of whether to have arrow key navigation clear selection or not? There is a keyboard shortcut to Clear All already for those that may like the purely keyboard method and keeping the current method will help prevent people getting confused why it may seem to turn into a mess. Although mouse clicking (or maybe double clicking) would also just select the one block too.

yes! one of those things i forgot about because i now work around it by just creating my first pattern, and then copying it 50 times so i have some space, but i bumped into this when i started with Renoise a year back, and it felt kinda weird.

I use Clone Pattern then Cut Pattern (clears all the data although it does use your clipboard.) Well when I was actually getting more time to play that’s what I remember actually doing most the time.

Ctrl+K then Ctrl+F3.

Works but I would still expend inserting a new pattern to keep length of the current one and I expect most people new to the program would too.