Matt Wolfe

Hailing from the land down under, newcomer Matt Wolfe delivers one helluva debut album. The 11th release on the promising Cold Fiction Music label (Sage Taylor, Psymachine), Lone Wolf offers 17 tasty tracks, clocking just over 72 minutes. Album opener, Silts, delivering tranquil atmoscapes along with the deepest bass and polished percussion work, brings to mind the best of Ulrich Schnauss’ work. Tracks like Greaser, Kickin It, Miniature Freedom Fighter, and Bumble (Like the Bee), take the warmest and catchier chord progressions from electro-pop/clash (while leaving behind the stone cold minimalism one might expect from these genres) and fuses it with walls of melodies and brain-danceable filigree. A Triumph (For Many), the blissful acidic Starry Nights (The Spirit), and As She Sleeps demonstrates Wolfe’s remarkable bassy synth chops and slides that blend like honey and tea with his ear tickling microbeats. An album mostly programmed with Renoise, Lone Wolfe does offer an apple in the orange orchard, Love (With a Hint of Danger), a dreamy guitar track with way too much delay. Overall rating: 4 out of 5 fingers in the hole.