Matthew Mae - Nighttraffic

What’s up fellas? Astar is back to deliver some new porridge, well not quite the same as trance today though. Under new disguise called Astaris but keeping the style same, emotional and groovy.

Managed to finish the track today, did some minor additions and edited couple of things. Feel free to download and give me feedback, perhaps even play in your sets.

Listen (Stream)

Feedback wanted…

Hey the mixing on this is lovely. In a way it’s a fairly off the shelf club style, but what saves it is a nice sense of space, crisp dampness, eventual emotional density and sonic delicacy. I like this (but am by no means a trance fan or enthusiast).

ReSelekted. Have you tried a mix of the track without the drums? Or drums halftime?

“ReSelekted”, haha first i wondered what the hell do you mean by that, now i understand and THANKS A LOT :D
No i haven’t tried it without drums nor halftimed, don’t think it’d work :) - i think i need to improve the track though, boost low freqs higher atleast.