MAUDIO Audiophile 2496

ok, somewhere in a thread someone asked about a good card that could do ASIO, had GSIF (GIGA) support, an the cat in the hat …

while i’ve only had it in my box for a few hours, this MAUDIO Audiophile 2496 seems to fit the spec … i’ve got my latency down to 2ms in renoise (tweaked winXP running on AMD1.4GHz w/ 512RAM using a 128 sample rate).

it sounds beautiful. i don’t have studio-trained ears so i didn’t expect to be able to hear much more than i did w/ my SBLIVE! but i really can, especially on the high end.

i don’t use giga sampler so i haven’t tried GSIF out … sorry i can’t report on that (tho i could if somone was really currious … :ph34r: ) . also, for the record, this card has only 1 stereo in and 1 stereo out… perfect for my use but people used to more I/O may feel restricted. i don’t think another card in 130 USD price range could make me this happy!

kh9dERw0n’ dEDBOIz + :|kREw
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m . e . 0 . w > > >

And I bought the M-Audio Delta 1010, when it was new (=$$$)

10 in and out and I’m only using the S/PDIF :unsure: <_< :guitar:

hehe oh no!!!

at least you’ve been able to use it for a while :blink:

whereas my DMAN PCI can’t do ASIO or run on anything beyond Win98 so it sits in a crap box (along with my HardSID ISA which has been heavily devalued due to the anouncement of a PCI ver) :angry:

maybe the next step in compleating my studio would be picking up some monitors to use w/ the digital i/o on the audiophile. right now my setup is closer to a club system then a home stereo (2 club monitors w/ 10" woofers in each, then 2 cabs i build w/ 40" of sub between them :yeah: )

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