max/msp or pure data with renoise - any tips?

Has anyone got any experience/tips on combining either max/msp or pure data? Nothing specific, ideally to inject instruments renoise. I’ve got some idea about rewire but still experimenting, mainly interested in adding randomness/automation.

I use max 7 with renoise

I like to make max the master midi clock while feeding renoise with midi data and/or sequences generated in max patches. In this particular use, Renoise is a big sampler receiving it’s “score” instructions from Max. I’ve try to make Renoise the master but there is no easy way to make the main timing object of max (Global Transport) listening to the midi clock received. Rewire don’t seem to be accurate enough for my taste and needs. One thing that is tedious is that you have to manage all the virtual cables: You have to map the receiver in renoise… and it’s easy to forget that port1 channel1 is for instrument x… For what I know: you can just record (midi feeding) one instrument at time in renoise: the current selected track with “record” “on”.

I would want to rec all my instruments at the same time…

I also like to control renoise using OSC with mapped function in Max. Or tweak ranges of value with a virtual midi port that goes from renoise, tweaked in max and come back to renoise.

Yea, its very funny to experiment but configuring all the ports for both software for each project takes times…

If you have specific questions, ask and I will try my best to help you.


Thanks. This will take me a while to absorb and get up and running. Could you link a screenshot, or know if there are any youtube link as a tutorial? (cant find one yet)

I’ve got a midi clock generator patch but its not ‘running’ renoise, for some reason.

Am i correct in thinking that projects can no longer (max 7) be exported from max/msp as VST files, to use in renoise (or any DAW unless you its Live)?

Also, your music is sick! Nice work.

i ve tried to boost renoise with max a couple of weeks.
i have sended a midi messages and audio signals from max to Renoise,
but i realized that i dont needed it.
Renoise is overkill for me at this time.

also max timing to Renoise was weird.
i mean i tried max sequencers,
but the clock doesnt sync perfect to renoise.
i just leave it and got BlueArp for this.

and i also stopped using BlueArp,
as its enough notes in Renoise for my tunes.

Very quickly:
I use copperlan for the virtual Midi Cables.
My vmidi7 output from Max goes to the vmidi8 input in Renoise (config your midi input in Renoise prefences. (ctrl+,)).
I pictured the copperlan overview window to show that my vmidi7 output the vmidi8

1- Make your virtual Midi cable communicate… like I did output 7 goes to input 8

Be “synched”
2- Generate Midi clock from Max using Sync~, you can see help file from sync~, you have a fake midi clock or connect it like me in the Max picture using the global transport.
You have to select the right output port in the “Midi Out” object.

3- Make renoise Slave:
In Preference, Midi tab, select an input in “in device” drop menu under MIDI clock Slave
In the Renoise Transport Panel, you should be able to activate a clock icon just to the right of BPM, it will slave Renoise to the Midi clock. Now you’re in Sync.

4- Shoot MIDI data from max to renoise:
Use the "noteout" object to send Midi notes…
You will also have to set the appropriate MIDI Port.
The idea is the same than for the clock, output to a virtual cable that will be connected as an input in renoise. So for me, I output on the VMidi7 in max and I select vmidi8 in the midi tab of an instrument in renoise.
see the renoise picture

As soon as max and renoise have their MIDI ports correctly configurated, you should be hearing the triggered instrument.
If you want any details, just ask, since I don’t know your level of knowledge…




You’re right: it’s not possible to export VST from max, in the past it has been a “pluggo” export that needed a runtime…

also, thanks for the comment.

Wow thanks so much! I’ll stitch this together later after work, but I appreciate the help here.

Copperlan? i’ve messed with it but I didn’t really understand it at the time. I’ll have to DL it again. I’ve never actually talked to anyone who uses it. what are your thoughts on it?

not to hijack the thread, just curious. I’d love to sync max to renoise. most of my max patches are one-off little things, not anything grand, besides the occasional monome patch. honestly other than basic synthesis, resampling, and midi, I’ve barely scratched the surface of max.

My thoughts on Copperlan: If it wasn’t free I would buy it, cause I need it and it does the job perfectly: create virtual MIDI cables that connects ports together. No noticeable latency…

Btw: (on win x64) I had a problem with the most recent version of copperlan (1.4), so I had to stick to the 1.3. The virtual network device (in which the virtual midi cable passes their data) was not appearing. (maybe I’ve been badlucky)

After installing copperlan, go to “connect” tab and add a Midi cable… like in this picture, I would be adding a connection between the vmidi1 that would output to … the cable I would add.


You can try the rewire~ object in max to sync max to renoise (renoise would be the master) don’t forget to add a rewire meta device in renoise before opening Max so Max is the rewire slave. Or you can send a Midi clock from renoise to max. In my tests, it hasn’t been tight enough to suit my needs. Most of the time Midi clocks will start to drift after a couple of bars.

Where do you start when you want to learn MAX? It looks like it might be worth the trouble. I used Pure Data a couple years ago. It was simply so I could pause/start renoise with my cellphone. This way I could already be sitting at the piano when I wanted to record something. It was actually a nightmare, since I never used puredata.

Where do you suggest I begin?

Where do you suggest I begin?

‘Max Tour’ and then examples under help. Be sure to unlock patches (lower left) so you can right-click on most anything and choose Help to open example/tutorial patches or Reference.There are some good video tutorials on

Here you have a bunch of tutorial :

The examples are getting old but still super usefull on educational purpose.

You have a online course from university McGill (Montreal)

and you can search like max msp and [university] where there is music and technology department.

Unfortunatly, most of universities don’t see trackers as a creative solution for making music so you won’t find any renoise / max msp related stuff…