Max Msp Question

Yeah, yeah I know there is a cycling74 Max Msp board, but those guys seem to throw around the RTFM at the hardest possible questions!

I rather get flamed by you guys :)
And btw, I’ve read the focking manual + googled + searched the max board… maybe this is a ‘duh’ problem… but thing is I’ve been working on a sfrecord~ patch that automatically saves the adc~ input every 10 seconds. Problem is that the ‘filein’ object can’t open the .wav files because the recorded .wav’s are saved in the Max-help folder as default!

Normally you press the ‘open’ message linked to the sfrecord~ object, to select a save path yourself. But since I automated this process it’s saved in the default folder.

Does anyone here perhaps, have any idea how I can change this default save folder for the sfrecord~ pbject??

options, file preferences isn’t the answer (I think)… those are the folders in which max looks for stuff.



you know we wouldnt flame you!! we is passinately tollerant!!!

in PD you can give it a string in the config prefs where you can tell it to look in all sorts of pathes, most the time those pathes are going to libs that you need for your abstractions.

in SC3 this is soo frekin much easier! the heirearchy makes too much sense!
it all goes to 1 folder called /sounds

in max/msp it explodes all over your hd! making a folder in your user putting all kinds of shit. that would be much nicer an Cleaner if they just kept it in the F’n folder! i dont think i have max/msp installed (open mac… nope not there)

hmm i bet i have it on another hd(lets see… nope)
hmm i install with default settings…
taking foreverererererererer
make object filein, rclick help

hmm it say “read or spool with argument specifies a file in Max’s search path”

wait, why not use sfplay~?

“sfplay~ plays AIFF, SD II, NeXT/SUN(.au), WAVE, and Raw Data files of 1-8 tracks from disk. To play a file, you send sfplay~ the open message, then send it a 1 to start and a 0 to stop. open takes an argument to specify a filename in the search path. You can also create additional cues with the preload message. These can reference other files, all of which are simultaneously accessible. The open message sets the “current” file: the one that plays back from the beginning when 1 is sent and is used as the default for the preload message. sfplay~ can also connect to the cues defined in an sflist~ object. Since multiple sfplay~ objects can reference the same sflist~, this allows you to store a global list of cues. See the sflist~ help file for more details. (be sure to open the “new features” sub patch to find out about variable speed playback, looping, triggering cues with audio signals, and more)”

then you could use sflist~ too

seems much more apt at doing more. but after thinking about it more i see that you might not want to use sfplay the way its been made.

i notice this tho "open takes an argument to specify a filename in the search path. "

maybe the arg: getnamed yourfile
would work?

hey choice thanks for replying,…

yeah, I know about specifying a place where ‘filein’ reads it’s data, tho I save 48 wav files of 10 sec’s each, and will build some kind of automated ‘filein’ reading abstraction…I found out that simply keeping the ‘filein’ object in the same patch as the ‘sfrecord~’ object will solve all my problems! 808 on the mu-board posted his solution:…EK1AO4MLHGGP895

I need the ‘filein’ object as I don’t plan to use the actual recorded sound as audio but as unsigned bytes which I will do calculations or other stuff with …somehow controlling the real soundsource…which I’m still not sure off , whats it gonna be :)

ha! its always nice when a question is answered with a simple solution.
when i began using linux it use to infuriate me!

so are you on w32 or mac or both?