I started learning some max/msp last thursday. i’m just going to read through all the manuals (its how i learn best). once you start reading about how it works it becomes less intimidating.

anyone else on here have any experience experimenting with it. any interesting patches or whatnot?

I’ve just started to learn the Max/Msp basics too, but I’ve tried during about one month (with some good tutorials) before coming back to Renoise (I needed to compose !).

I’ve also discovered Reaktor a few weeks ago, and it seems easier to me (i’ve made a synth that i wanted to create from a while with Reaktor, and i didn’t suceed to do that with Max/Msp).

But i’m going to have some Max/Msp courses, so I’ll learn it anyway. You certainly have some tutorials on Max/Msp but if you want I can give you my doc.

And if you have some good material to start it, i’m interested too !

you have courses at university on max/msp! your lucky. i havent done anything productive in there. i usually read before doing anything. if you have any helpful reading supplements please send them this way

Last year I made a patch that allows me to control samples/loops/lights/etc. with a SNES controller. The couple years before that was all experimenting. I haven’t tried much since version 5 came out… I want to be able to do VST development in MSP, but it’s not implemented yet in v5.

Max objects database
Super Destroy FX - awesome VSTs/AUs, some of which were made with Max/MSP.