Maximum Screen Resolution

Could someone please tell me what the maximum screen resolution you can set in Renoise is? I’m using a TV type monitor at the moment through the TV out of my video card (at a resolution of 800x600) so I can’t run Renoise to check for myself. The thing is that I’m about to buy a new monitor so was wondering as to what sort of resolutions I could be working with.

Well if you look in the GUI settings, you can choose 1800x1440, which my monitor does not support… i’ve tried 1600x1200 though and that looked good even though my monitor was flickering due to low refresh rate.

Renoise requires 1024x768 as a minimum, and should work with any larger
resolution you wish. Currently, the fonts are still fixed size, so the upper limit
is how small letters you manage to read… ;)

Atlantis: The resolutions you can select in the configs are supplied by windows
(DirectX), so it’s not Renoise that makes up that strange resolution (1800x1440).