Maximum Simlutaneous Samples

This has probably been asked before, somewhere, by someone, but I can’t find it…

I have a track (well lots of tracks) where I trigger very long samples. Right now it seems that the maximum number of times I can play a sample at a single time is like 5-6 times. If I trigger the sample more than that, it cuts off the first instance of playback (often with a nice loud click depending on the sample). Any way to up the maximum number of times I can play a given sample at once? It is odd, because renoise seems to have no paramaters for polyphony anywhere, and this isn’t even really an issue of maximum voices, just the maximum number of times a sample can be played at once.

Thanks… :guitar:

Its 6 per notecolumn. In Renoise 1.8 this should never result in a click though. Have you tested this in Renoise 1.5 or Renoise 1.8?

Tested it in both 1.5 and 1.8 actually (although I haven’t tried it with the last couple beta releases 7&8). In the case I’m mentioning i have the notes on multiple columns also. But it is a very long sample, so I’ll try to rearrange it a bit and see if it helps or not. Any way this maximum value could be changed? :)

Do you have the NNA set to note-off or continue?
This is the quickest test.
I can’t reproduce your problem if i set it to “continue”, however if i set it to note-off, the instrument envelope and fade-out value will ofcourse affect the volume behaviour of the previous note when played.

Hello everybody, I’ve exactly the same problem in Renoise 1.9.

Imagine a sampled instrument which has long samples cause the sustain pedal can’t be used in sample mode.
When you fill “continue” to all samples and you play a sort of piano sequence with a lot of quick notes and chords, the software automaticly cut the about twelveth sample continues…

When you use VSTi with continuous sustain pedal for very long resonance effects and sounds, the 2.6Ghz Core 2Duo CPU up to 75 % rapidly! So, with samples, I believed finding a solution. Indeed, I include sustain effect in each wav sample thinking I could make “continue” next but unfortunately, there is a “polyphonic” limitation in samples. Can’t we increase the sample playback?

I could always use a reverb or delay effect but I like when instruments create redondance.
If you have another solution… thanks :rolleyes:

If you use more than 1 column and you should be able to trigger as many times as you want, no?

Yes, you’re right.
But you can use “only” twelve columns.
I mean, it’s already wonderful! The perfect for me will be 16 columns for 4x4 sequences.
Maybe for a next update…