Maximum VSTi's?

What are the maximum VSTi and effects for all you people with the latest and greatest processors? Has anyone just piled them on to see how much their system can handle? I am wondering what to expect if I upgrade to a 2000+ mhz processor.

-Sonicade- :guitar:

that really depends on the dsp’s you are using, obviously… some use more cpu than others. :D

Mads Vestergaard:
This is exactly what I was looking for. I am upgrading to a 2.2ghz myself so looks like I can definitely look forward to more VSTi and effects room. I am getting 512mb of nice and fast ram as well. Thank you for your reply.


w00h00! got all my new gear (AMD 2200+, 512mb Corsair DDR400 CL2) and Renoise doesnt even blink at sample based tracks. VST’s are handled with similar ease with low cpu usage (<30%).