MaxMSP OSC Boolean

So I’ve spent my whole Sunday (+late Saturday) on this, please if anyone did this before,
help me.

How do you freaking send a boolean through OSC, from MaxMSP (CNMAT).

Please dont respond with “T”,“F”, “1”, “0”, “true”, “false” etc. but please paste a real working MaxMSP patch.
Please explain it, as if you’re explaining it to your grandmother.


I know this is more of a MaxMSP question, but I think the integration of renoise with other stuff, is what the guys in the background wants.
So I think this question deserves its place in this forum.

Moved to Off Topic, since this is not directly related to Renoise or our Lua scripting API.

Do you know for a fact that Max supports this? Boolean is not one of the OSC 1.0 tag types. Some implementations have it, some don’t.

I’m not even sure Renoise OSC supports actual boolean values.

Near a year later, here is another reply for you Blitter:

Send a message to a udpsend

/renoise/transport/loop/block false

/renoise/transport/loop/block true

The boolean has to be separated by a space


Something else I’ve since discovered is that Renoise OSC handlers that expect a boolean will respond just as well if sent a 1 or 0 in place of true or false.