Maxtor Hitachi


I made a track for school named : Maxtor Hitachi ->

The name comes from the 2 harddisks that died on me in 2005. My idea for the assignment was to have the analogue rhythems sync up with sampled broke harddisk sound. In the end I only used the ticking harddisk for 3 intro seconds and made the composition entirely on my computer.

any words would be nice :)


I like this!

Me and my gf just had the most amazing you-should-have-been-there-experience combining your piece of art there with regular commercials on norwegian TV… The transitions were spot on, the mood of “happy” commercials were totally altered, ketchup pured on a hotdog became blood, I mean… Totally surreal, totally amazing!!! :blink:

Thanx, man. That was awesome!

the beginning sounds to me more like an old ugly scanner or sth. ;) hard to believe that these crunches came from a maxtor…

nice hitech sounding spheres. but at 3:05 it became more interesting (for me).
the ending is funny but not my taste :lol: its sounds like there were a few gnats around my head (i heard it with phones). otherwise it nice to listen these little tonal morphing phases.

overall: sweet bouncy hardrive adventure w/ that certain plugexpert style/swing/groove/mood

I listened to this on repeat numerous times and noticed something different each and everytime. Hell I listened to this song, Data Play, and 1 Minute Stereotype everytime I fire up winamp.

I am amazed at the talent that frequents this forum.


thats creepy as hell!

I’m curious to know, do you top your grade with these little “assignments”? If not I would like to lodge a formal protest with your school.

thanks all for taking the time to listen to my shit! I appreciate it lots

alexstrain "I’m curious to know, do you top your grade with these little “assignments”? If not I would like to lodge a formal protest with your school

unfortunetely I failed analogue studio class with this :( since, I didn’t keep to the original assignment and basically did my own thing, using sounds from patches out of the analogue studio as ingredients in my computer.
The fact I only showed up in class like 2 times this schoolyear didn’t help either, although the teacher found my result interesting. But I don’t mind doing this over next year, the studio is pretty cool and it’s not like I have to redo a year of maths or physics. You can get some great bass-noises out of the studio (


Well take it from me, your grades are not reflective of the quality. Keep it all up mate, I enjoy your releases alot.

Nice experimental one, kind of scary. :walkman:

Electroacoustics up in here. You got skills and talent for sure.

this is f****ing awesome :drummer:

This is really great!
Those little tonal changes make it very creepy.