Maybe Bug? Can't play notes from same instrument on different trac

Hey, I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or I’m just being a newb, but I can’t play notes from the same instrument on different tracks.

I’m rewiring from renoise to logic.

I can hear all of the different instruments playing normally in normal playback.

I have a drum sample instrument in renoise with UPDATE: an internal FX chain which has the kick sent to bus/L-R 1 and the snare bus/L-R 3 in logic and a sample based melody instrument in renoise, sent to bus/L-R 10 in logic.

I can put 2 notes/samples in line in one track on different columns, but, if I’ve got one note from one instrument playing on a line, renoise will not play a different note in a different track on the same line/at the same time.

Is there anything obvious that might be selected/clicked that’s causing this?

I’ve checked if mono is selected on the instrument page. It’s not.

Any help would be much appreciated. :)/>/>

Does the instrument have an effects chain within it? Not on the track, but on the instrument?

Yes it does.


(I’ll update my original post to show this).

Do to the way renoise processes dsp tracks, you can not have an instrument with those at the same time in different tracks.

Ok. Annoying, but good to know I’m not being (overtly) stupid. Thanks for letting me know. :)

A workaround isn’t hard, just opening a second instrument, but, it’s not desirable; is it worth making a feature request?

It has already been requested many times.
By comparison most vsts do not support multiple outs and when they do, you still need to send stuff on a different midi channel, it’s all complicated.

There will definitely be something fancy happening with the instruments, there are some things like instrument tags (separate from instrument comments) available, but not finished yet, they just weren’t ready it till 3.0.

Many instruments do support multiple outs and don’t need multiple midi channels, and it’s not complicated. Most drum machine plugins work this way. Each sound can be routed to its own output, which can be routed to its own channel in renoise. Big samplers like kontakt or omnisphere let you use multiple midi channels for multiple instruments if you want, but you don’t need you, you can use keyboard splits or keyswitching instead.

i ran into this same thing, loading one of the default drumkit instruments, and triggering different samples in that instrument with different tracks. doesnt work.

so there is a setting in an instrument that allows specific routing outputs from each sample in say, a drumkit instrument?

Let me clarify,

If there are ‘Sample effects chains’ in the instrument then you can’t have it play on 2 tracks at the same time

In the meantime, either use only 1 track per instrument in a pattern or simply have 2 instances of the instrument and copy paste when you make changes to it, note data will not be lost if you copy/paste over an instrument in the instrument box

check sample properties, my guess that your sample NNA is set to cut or note off, change it to continue and you will be able play same instrument on diff tracks