Maybe Bugs Or Just A Windows Config Problem? Saffire 56 And Renoise

I am using a saffire 56 and Renoise.

When using Renoise 2.7 I encountered some trouble:

If I use more than one track and play VSTs simultaneously I encountered “crackling” sounds.
No matter which VSTs I use, CPU measuring runs mostly into very high value (mostly). Even if it’s a vst like Superwave P8 (not using much CPU usage normally)
Sometimes it appears also without running into those high values.

Didn’t figure out yet, if this is a problem of OS and Saffire or Renoise. Maybe someone here knows.

But before running Renoise or Samplitude for example, I also watched a video of Focusrite to set up the Saffire properly.
Like turning off Firewalls and so on.

Anyone facing same problem?

System Setup:

Windows Vista (SP 2)
4 GB Ram
4 Cores, each 3,2 GHz

check the latency settings.

Firewire… what a waste for such a nice looking piece of gear… Let’s hope it supports the fastest type of firewire port though.

But as Atarix said:Latency is the first thing to optimize, perhaps lowering the frame-rate of the GUI might also have some influence on this behavior.