Maybe chitar is one of the best things to buy for renoise

I saw this rubberband with a piezo pickup and diodes and it looks amazing, not as an instrument to be played on its own onstage, but as something to sample into renoise and write tunes.

The sound of it when its struck with a soft mallet on the back is really cool.
Im pretty sure you could hold the rubberband in a way that would allow you to get tuned up to any note you want accurately for sampling into renoise. or maybe use a small ball of blutack to get the tuning where you want before striking it with a mallet

I love the sound. Sounds like it might be great for a duo like chitar renoise + live bohdran, chitar renoise + live jaw harp and finger cymbals or chitar renoise with glitch drums and layered tastefully and sublty with synth tones.

Best value noise maker for sampling as well probably.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a renoise Chitar song?
Id really love to hear that.


Make one and share! :slight_smile:

I wonder what else the pickup could be attached to, for other interesting sound signals to sample…

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I’ve been building some piezo stuff; need to work on better quality. But I’ve used samples of a piezo on the body of a Stratocaster, for example.

This is an interesting general-purposed device:

You can buy them from the guy who made that videos etsy. They are like 50 euro or something.
I think Ill order one.

I used to practise drumming rudiments alot on a practise pad, if only those practise pads had tunable rubber bands and piezos on them so they could be plugged into amps and softwares it would have been excellent.

Something like bongo cajone (+chitar tunable rubberband inside) with ellis stombox and piezos could be sweet. It would make it loud enough to do quieter egyptian tabla finger drumming style with them too…or maybe a wooden bowl, you could finger drum on it and press it into/ pull it away from your stomach to adjust pitch/timbre.