Maybe dumb question: Descending LFO Curves?

One of the most prominent patterns in the LFO tool is the ascending sawtooth wave.

6677 ascending LFO.jpg

This is great for volume swells and filter sweeps and stuff. I wonder, though – I’ve seen that other synths also have a descending saw wave, like this:

6678 descending LFO.jpg

This would be good for getting sidechain-style pumps in volume, and for controlling the decay of complex sounds.

Why doesn’t Renoise’s LFO have this? Is there a quick and easy way to hack this type of thing together, or some other trick for this use case?

I’m not sure trueschool (you may be looking at it deeper than me. And there is probably a couple of methods of inverting the numbers that are output from the LFO), but wouldn’t clicking the custom button and drawing an inverse saw wave be suitable? (And with the custom button you can draw more complex LFO curves) :slight_smile:

Nope you’re right. That was easy. I’m lazy and usually just use the buttons. Thanks! :smiley: