Maybe i found a Bug?


Maybe i found a Bug. At least i think this can be unexspected behavior maybe. I use a Compressor in a Sample/Instrument FX editor. In Pic 0 you can see that the Pan for the Sample is neutral or 0.

if you now go to FX Chain View and manipulate the “Ratio” Parameter, then the Pan seems to change massively.
At least the Compressors Levelmeter shows that. You can see the Pan change in Pic 1, 2 and 3.

0 3 2 1

I hope this Bugreport is good enouph and usefull for the devs. I try give something back from the Community because i love your Software and respect all your hard work on it.

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Can you share a songfile in which this always happens?

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Are you referring to this meter?


Can we assume then that there is no massive audible L-R panning going on (and that the Tron sample is a true stereo mono file…it looks it), but the graphical way Renoise draws the meter (can flicker the L-R) each frame(?)

yes this!

I try/check it a longer amound of time. The Speech sample is not such short. im pretty sure that is not a render error. if you change the “Ratio” slider left and right, you can see the effect reproducable. it looks exact like a Pan change.

Was this behaviour not reproduceable for you, or you dont try it? look at the pics and build that FX chain with the 3 effects . you can see all slider positions. i want not to share my actual project.

This shows the difference between the stereo input signal vs the stereo output signal.

The dual VU meters you see on the left represent the left/right input signal.

The dual VU meters you see on the right represent the left/right output signal.

Is it possible that you’re confusing the VU meters?

@dblue A Pal you was Right! Now i see my fault! i truely had changed left/right with Input & Output. Shame on my Head, all is fine. NO ERROR/FAULT. :slight_smile: Sorry for my incompetence. Thank you all for helping.

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