Maybe Move Over From Madtracker

Hello all,
Im thinking of moving to Renoise from Madtracker because a couple of VSTs that i have bought dont show up in Madtracker but they do in the Renoise demo, i have a question about vst routing in Renoise:-

In Madtracker if i was playing some simple triad chords with a vst i would route the vst to track 3 then route track 2 from track 3 and track 1 from track 2 so the same vst plays on all 3 tracks with only 1 instance of the vst im using, how is this done in Renoise please?


You can just play triad chords in one track if you desire. Renoise allows 12 subtracks in one channel used by the same VST.
You don’t need to route a VST to a track, just select it in the instrument list and play it on any track you desire.
Just take care you don’t use different (VST) effect plugins underneath different channels using the same VST instrument, they will all have all effects from all tracks being applied.
You can read about this here:

Sorry call me dullard but being used to the way Madtracker works i didnt understand what was going on there, it seems to me that the plugin cant handle what i want so another instance is required!?! ill read it again but nothing clicked.


If the plugin is mono (does not support multiple keystrokes at the same time) than you have to instanciate another plugin.
I personally don’t know the madtracker workflow at all because i have not really looked it up close and personal.
But it looks like Madtracker only allows you to have a VST instrument being played in one track only and that each track does not expand to more subtracks (which allows you to create chords or add other instruments in it).

Here is an example where a track is expanded to subtracks (press ctrl-shift arrow right on the note column to expand, arrow left to shrink):

If you record and having polymode enabled (click this button in this area: ) you can enter chords and Renoise automatically expands the track recording chords.
Most likely the polyphonic mode is turned off in your case and you need to turn it on first.

More about the pattern editor here:

In Renoise you don’t explicitly have to assign a (VST) instrument to a track (although you can do this) to make it play there. It’s simply select an instrument slot, go to the VSTI panel and select your vst instrument and start recording it on any track you desire.

Thankyou very much for your help im nearlly sold, (:

Madtracker doesnt have sub tracks but it is possible to have the same VST playing in more than one track by routing the ins and outs, you place the VST on the last track that will use it (track number)and then any track with a lesser track number is routed to the track higher than it on the track number scale eg for simple triad you would place the VST on the third track that uses it then the second track would be routed to the third and the firsr track routed to the second track.

Ok what you said in your last post, that does seem simple (i have tried it yet) but one more question please:- if i have a VST e.g. Korg M1 that is capable of multi-parts can i still open only one instance and have maybe 8 parts in 8 seperate midi channels and seperate tracks all running from the same VST? and have independant fx control on each part?


Are sub tracks limited to a certain number of sub tracks per ordinary track? (yes im losing the plot too)

You can try using an Alias (can be found in the VST section as well, seek for the title “Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling”) and assign each preset to a different channel. In that case each alias takes up one instrument slot. You control the instrument through the alias, if you really need to send specific midi commands, try the MIDICC meta device in the effect rack underneath the track (or view in the mixer) and set the instrument you want to send the midi signals to.
Or you can use the Automate device to control several VSTI parameters and Map those parameters to midi controllers:

There are many roads to Rome.

yes but bugger my sat nav is made by Madracker!

It seems that its possible to do what i want i just need to learn the new Renoise way of doing things, ill take your word that it can do what i want and ill have a proper look at the demo.

The real problem is:- I dont really want to move from Madtracker because i know how it works but certain VSts dont show up in the plugins so i cant use them, thats not why i bought them.

Thankyou and i need the asio so i will buy Renoise if i can do the things i asked.


However, currently you can not route the audio output stream form a vsti on to multi channels in renoise.

As vV said, you can use the alias method to route several midi channels to the vsti. But the sound out of it will only use one single stream/track.

This will certainly change in the future. It got pretty high priority on the to-do list. But no promises made yet.

Export your song to MIDI and import it in Renoise, then go on from there, still a lot of work is needed, but at least you have your major stuff ported.

Good, because everytime someone comes to renoise from madtracker an angel plays a harp.

You really should move over to Renoise, its worth it because its updated and its a really good tracker.

Madtracker 3 will go open source and who knows if it will become useful?
I guess Yannick is not that interessted in updating mt 2.6 that much more because mt 3 was the future of mt.

I’ve moved over from madtracker and never looked back since. Shame Madtracker is dead, could be good to have 2 vibrant trackers ‘competing’ against eachother.

would be fun to poke around the source of v3 though, being the programmer wannabe that I am :)