maYbe mutually exclusive mode .

I have two samples ( same row , differnent collumn ) , and a global Y command set to mutually exclusive 0Y00

Both samples have a Y1 value in the panning collumn.

So roughly speaking , each sample has ( approx ) 6% chance of being triggered .

Wouldn’t it be logical that once in a while NO sample is triggered .

Or does mutually exlusive at least always triggers one sample ?


Or does mutually exlusive at least always triggers one sample ?

^ Bingo.

When applied to independent notes, the maYbe command determines the average % chance for that note to trigger.

When applied to multiple notes in mutually exclusive mode, the maYbe command determines the weighted likelihood that one note will be triggered vs the others.

In other words, two notes with Y1 are weighted evenly with a 50/50 chance to trigger either note.

If you want one note to trigger more or less often than another, then you’ll need to assign different weights like Y1 vs Y4, for example.

Mutually exclusive mode will always trigger a note, provided there is at least one note to choose from with a weight greater than zero.

maybe if you wish…mutually exclusive execution of notes with probability of no note being played…add a dummy note that does no sound to the mutually exclusive ring, and give it a probability against the other notes.