Maybe Someone Here Can Help

Ok, this doesn’t have anything to do with Renoise however it has to do with running winamp and shoutcast dsp through wine (a windows emulator) in order to do a live broadcast radio show. I am running slackware 12.1 and have my Echo Mia Midi card installed and working properly through linux, however SHOUTcast only works in Winamp and therefor I have to run it in wine (because it’s not been ported to linux…and probably won’t). Now when I use winamp it works fine through wine, however the shoutcast dsp is where the problems arise. I have to choose the soundcard input however, because it’s emulated it doesn’t pick up the mia midi so I get no input whatsoever through it…anyone have any suggestions on how to get around that? I run Ruffah Ras Radio on but had to cancel since reverting back to linux, until I find out how to broadcast from my linux box that is.

any help is really appreciated.


Wine is NOT an emulator :P

True, it does setup a windows type hard disk (under .wine in the users home directory)

But do you have any ideas? :D

What about icecast?