Maybe time to explore this again in Renoise?

I can already think of tools that would make use of realtime audio…multitrack recording anyone?

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It would be sweet if renoise api allowed for custom dsp scripting

Taken from the api docs

What’s NOT possible with Renoise tools:

Realtime access. Except for OSC and MIDI IO, you can’t write scripts that run in the audio player. In other words, you can not script new realtime DSPs - yet.

I know. that “yet” gives one some hope, but that was probably written 200 yrs ago :upside_down_face:

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I don’t know how well they work in Renoise, but there are plugins like Protoplug, Plug Data (Pure Data in VST form) and even Blue Cat’s Plug’n’Script (the only paid one in this list, oddly).

But I agree that this would be insanely cool as well! Having those abilities baked into the DAW itself would really smooth out those kinks, especially since it seems like Renoise doesn’t do so well with VST3


Things we’ve all been begging for - ways to either design sounds, or to go even further, mess with samples. Imagine being able to FM/PM your sample(s) or granulate them. Not sure if that would be any less harsh on the CPU, but I imagine using the samples as the oscillator, the operators/carrier, versus generating a continuous tone via another device. More ways to bend the sampler. Also, more ways to lay out sequencer patterns, tempi, and timing. Maybe envelope controlled tempo on a single pattern, so its speed changes, while other patterns stay static.