MaYbe trigger for other sample commands

I would love to see a kind of MaYbe trigger that applies to two different sample commands. For example a note that has both 0S and 0Z commands in the line could also have 0Y which would determine which of the two previous sample commands will be used, based on probability.

Such a feature would offer so much potential for random variation in patterns.

Not sure how “easy” it would be to indicate that particular commands are supposed to be influenced by the Yxx command.

But you can take the entire note + columns, duplicate it and have it affected “as a whole” using the mutally exclusive (Y00) mode.

As long as you have an available note-column, and the room to put an Yx or Yxx somewhere in the vol/pan/fx-column, this should be workable.

I’m not sure I follow what you mean. Doesn’t that just choose between two notes? All commands would be applied regardless of which note is played , right?

I meant if you use the local effect-column (“FX” in the pattern toolbar, available since Renoise 3.1).

The trick is limited in the sense that you can only specify a single effect command - so no S+Z command per note, like in your example, but still better than nothing?

Oh I think I see what you mean now. So this technique works but only for commands that fit into the 2 digit columns because the local fx is already being used by the YFF on both notes?

Thankfully, it’s not_quite_that limited. You can apply the maYbe as a two-digit command to either the volume and panning columns, leaving one subcolumn and the effect column empty for “whatever”.

The trick is of course still to specify the Y00 (mutually exclusive) in one of the master effect columns, and then add as many note columns as needed:

Notecol #1 | Notecol #2 | Notecol #3 | Notecol #4 | FX #1
C-4 YF 0S40 | C-4 YF 0S20 | B-4 YF 0S40 | B-4 YF 0S20 | 0Y00

This example would pick either a C-4 or B-4, with either S20 or S40 as the effect command.

Btw: by packing this into a phrase and triggering the phrase itself with a maYbe command you gain an additional level of abstraction

Thank you so much. This is absolutely brilliant. Exactly what I wanted and it appears to work perfectly in brief testing.
My whole reason for wanting this feature was to randomly select whether a phrase or an offset was triggered and this does the trick.
A quick tip for anyone else who tries this out. You need to make sure that you set your sample to a mute group and also not have any phrases on loop otherwise you get endless overlap.

My next task is to find a tool which allows me to specify a range for randomization. This way I can randomize both the Sxx and the Zxx without it choosing empty phrase slots and also changing the Y00.

Thanks again. Really great solution.