Maybe You'll Be The One...

Did you see that news on Planet Mu website ?


It’s ok, I’m not exactly tempted to buy it but it’s worth a listen. Who knows, maybe it’ll grow on me.

I was a bit disapointed about Detrimentalist but i really like Filth. Especially the first half of the album.

Anyone heard his collab with frusciante as 'speed dealing moms ’ ?
I am verry curious

I would have loved filth a while ago and I do like it now, but more and more I find myself enjoying music like this cerebrally rather than physically. Maybe I’m less energetic/fit than I was or just partying less.

…Fact is Funk has produced so much music at this stage that you can’t really pin down the most individual songs easily - not all of these are his most enjoyable songs either.
With the amount of music he’s made it’s impossible not to see repeating themes, which I don’t mind. When this happens, the music does have a longer shelf life the more I dance to it, or restrict my enjoyment of it to times when I’m dancing. If I can have it on headphones, I’ll kill it in a month and forget about it esp if it feels like I’ve been there before.
That said about half of his albums are definite growers, and this one has a lot of potential from the get go! So , all things considered…
Oh shit! look! A TB303!