My first track using 3.0 only… I love the new version :)

The beginning is evolving a little bit to slow and the bass stays too long the same. After the break the arp is very nice and lifts up the track. Also nice effects (reverb) and strings.

I’m going to take the liberty of disagreeing.

I think that the opening’s slow evolution is a great, gentle introduction to the musical theme, and I take the bass’s reliability as a grounding factor.

However, post-break I think it’s really well put together as well.

Two thumbs up from me. This track hits my buttons.

I think it’s good, Marthe has a very nice voice. :)
Not shure if i agree with Cie, although the intro might have been better with some kind of build up element. I like the sweeping noise i here there, but it kind of feels like it’s building up just to fade away before something new is happening.