MBase11 Samples


I was wondering if there would be any interest of me doing a sample library from the default presets of the Jomox MBase11 ?
It would be a total of 110 samples made in 192hz at 32bits saved as aif. Or do you have any other suggestions on how you would like them ? The only processing i would do is to normalize the audio to 0 db.


Free, carefully crafted, high defenition, copyright free samplepacks are always more than welcome!

24 bit is better, Reason for eg. don’t read 32 bit!

Alright, good to know! I’ll make them in 24 bit then. And yes, ofcource i will make them available for free.

Ill make a zip available here in a couple of days when im done :)

Then, 192 khz is overkill imo, better sample at 96 khz

I can never resist downloading a good sample pack, so bring it on! And thank you for the community service.

It doesn’t? Then why can it export 32 bit .wavs? So it can’t load those back in??? edit: Oops. Yeah. Reason.

ontopic: Awesome!!

Nice! i could really use some snares, hihat, toms, and some cymbals, cowbells, sticks, …and non-percussion samples if any.

jk =)

Would be nice! :)

I hope this wasn’t abandoned!

yeah… i hope my comment didn’t piss him off :(

(i was just poking fun at the fact that this machine does ONLY bassdrum sounds :D )

24bit 88khz plz


+1. I want some.