MBC 14 voting thread! 😺

Thanks for the review @SimulatedZen appreciate the valuable feedback.

I was working within my own (and some of the originally discusses restraints),
since i voted for smallest file size as the criteria, tried to keep it small, completed
quickly, and no vst as well …wasn’t sure id get the house timbre to come through
with such a small file (<1mb), so happy to hear that’s there a bit. = )

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Can we shift the deadline somewhat? I can listen during the weekend or tomorrow.

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Yes. There are 22 participants and only 11 participants voted. That’s by far not enough for a legit result. It seems some don’t want to vote for whatever reason. :thinking:


I don’t see any harm in extending voting through the weekend

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hurry :up:

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listening now …

I think you mean listening meow…


First of all. Many tracks are much too loud in my opinion (including our own collab :rofl:)

There is some recommendation to keep the loudness at -14 dB LUFS which is rarely the case when I’m listening at soundcloud. -10 LUFS is still okayish, but I don’t listen to tracks peaking at -4 LUFS, sorry. There’s no reason to make a track that insanely loud. It also doesn’t sound good as it’s completely over compressed and the whole life is sucked out of it.


TOP 3 (they are pretty close, so the order is a bit arbitrary really)

1. Place

highway rehab - Loudest Meow

Nice Aphex Twin vibes here and I totally love it! The mix sounds a bit muffled with too much bass and it could have a bit more sparkling high end. Mix has perfect loudness and is not overcompressed. Well done, I’m just missing some clearity!

2. Place

AQBree - To Achieve True Homeostasis Is To Achieve Death

-14 LUFS perfect. Nice balanced mix. Bass range is perfect. Great atmosphere that perfectly fits my taste. Great integration of cat samples without getting corny. One of my faves!

3. Place

Crouching Dog, Hidden Kitty
love it! does not get boring any second. Nice balanced mix (although again too loud) with some nice melodies reminding me on melancholic synth music from the 70s. influences. One of my faves, just turn the volume lower and it’s perfect.


Well done hip hop beat. Nice mix. Loudness is right. The cat vocals doesn’t fit that well, so I would prefer it without.

zen sphere records • - mr•zensphere •••Power of the Puss•••

too loud (-7.6 LUFS) and too much compression for my tate. Great mix beside of that and the track is also well done!

Costume Party - MCLF - (MuTaNT•CaTS•LoVe•FReeDoM) (116 BPM)

Lacks a bit of a “song strucutre”.

Panos Kostagiannis - Mating Season-MuTaNT•BReaKS1-14

Very creative track. The cat sounds sound more like babies in my ears.
I like the gloomy melody that comes in later.

TheBellows - Sickz Life Leftz

Well done! The mix sounds a bit stressful as the highs are very pronounced.

SimulatedXen - Purr Of The Weaver

Great detailed sound design and great mix. A punchy mix doesn’t have to be loud. Lot of dynamics. Tracks becomes better when listening several time to it. This is close to the top 3.

HeartBeatHero - Cats Forever

Great synth wave track with nice medlodies. Arrangement is pretty neat.
Too loud though, true peak at 1dB, too much compression, but I guess it’s a style thing.

Kara Kusa - Fetch With Cobra

Some Venetian Snares vibes here. Pretty loud mix. Well done under the line!

Lneheb - Infinite Power of Gwa

much too loud (-4 LUFS)!!! Sorry, I can’t listen to this.

Olivier - MuTaNT BReaks 14

Some good ideas here, but the arrangement feels a bit boring and the sounds are very static. Maybe do more modulation / automation to keep it interesting.
The crashes @ 1:51 are pretty loud, but somehow that’s cool (as long the overall volume is low :wink: ).

Krokodildo Audio - Felix Theme

thanks that it is not too loud and just around -14 LUFS. Nice lovely tracks, but it does not pick me up.

ghismart - We Are The Mutant Cats

Very cool old school beat! I don’t like the sharp synth sound that comes in sometimes playing the melody. Just leave it out.

PR0T0TYPE - MeowZers!

too loud, sorry.


great old school beat and acid vibes, but again too loud … sorry.
Beside of that the mix is great, it’s just too loud.

soundbike - major cat bromance

mix sounds a bit thin and can be improved a lot imo. Sounds ar not well balanced and there’s something wrong with the stereo field I think. Music wise it’s not my cup of tea.

Jek - MinHouseCat

Nice mix with a solid and well balanced low end. Especially like the part after 2:00 minutes. Good integrations of the cat sounds.

Electronic Tiger - The Cat And The Photocopier Incident MBC14
Nice transparent mix and great sound design. Reminds me on the latest Throbbing Gristle (Part Two - The Endless Not) a bit. This is also very close to the top 3.

Memory Canyon - Renoise Mutant Breaks #14

Again a very old school beat. Each element of the track stands out clearly. Mix is nice and very dynamic. Too short maybe… could listen longer to it.


Last day for voting!
cat drone


Thanks to you I was searching the web for LUFS for the last hour. I never thought about LUFS. So I measured my track with Youlean Loudness Meter 2 and it seems to have -8 LUFS. That’s luckily not too bad for a track that you can only find on Soundcloud:

Thanks for the hint, I will try to consider this in future tracks. :+1:
I just have to experiment with mix/master…

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MLoudnessAnalyzer and DPMeter are good free plugs for LUFS metering

The result:
6 points - SimulatedXen
4 points - HeartBeatHero
4 points - highway rehab
4 points - mr•zensphere
4 points - PR0T0TYPE
3 points - AQBree
3 points - Garfferen
3 points - Kara Kusa
3 points - Lneheb
2 points - TNT (FFM)
1 point - Adrezonar / TeuTone (feat lilith)
1 point - Electronic Tiger
1 point - ghismart
1 point - Jek
1 point - Mrkyk
1 point - TheBellows

Only 13 of 22 participants and one person who didn’t participate voted.
Those who didn’t vote should sink into the ground with shame for faking the result:

  1. AQBree
  2. Costume Party
  3. Electronic Tiger
  4. HeartBeatHero
  5. highway rehab
  6. Jek
  7. Mrkyk
  8. Olivier
  9. soundbike

thanks for the tally! :+1:
I’ll add up all the bonus points soon, which may shift the top 14


haha wtf that gif I can’t even. I mean, even trying to come up with whatever text string you had to input to find this…

Basically, what I’m saying is, no matter who wins this competition, this gif wins the competition…

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Every participant already won. :wink:
You finished one more song, you can compare and listen to different approaches on the same theme, you now know about LUFS and there are xrns you could learn from if desired. The shirt is just a little bonus. Fun and good music, that was the goal.


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So… that’s it then?

Weren’t there supposed to be points allocated for different skill sets…
like file size, vst usage, vocals, sound design, most notes, most tracker effects, etc?

yep, I’ve just been busy :upside_down_face:
I will get to it soon

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You only get extra points for this:

And of course for the small reviews of every single song.