Mbox 2 Mini Audio I/o Support

Contemplating renoise registration…

I have an mbox 2 mini.

Does Renoise work with the Digidesign ASIO drivers?

My impression is that audio output works, but input is fairly important to me as well. If I can use my mbox 2 mini to record audio into renoise’s sample editor, that will seal the deal for me.


It works for me on my macbook with a mbox 2.

I think you shall have to test this. DigiDesign drivers seem to be old depending on which model you have.
There have been applied a Fix in Renoise 1.9 during the beta phase associated with crashes on the ASIO driver, this regarded the 24-bit handling of the driver.
It should be alright.
So far we never got any more reported bugs on this hardware since then…

If it is not alright regarding input, do not hesitate to file a bug-report, as you can see, you get as much 1st class support as can be supplied (until it becomes clear that the driver is buggy or the hardware turns out faulty).

m-box mini works fine here, but you can use renoise only in rewire mode, m-boxes doesnt launch two independent daws with shared asio driver (thats why it sucks)

Edit: on windows xp sp3 santa rosa based laptop

Edit2: but if i use only m-box and one instance of renoise, everything is fine - just for clearence (i`m a braindead when working)