MC-303 Help

I just purchased a used MC-303 off a friend but I’m having trouble setting up the midi connection for use in Renoise. I have the 303 hooked up the to joystick port on my Santa Cruz card via the joystick midi adapter cable, but I don’t really understand what the manual is saying in regards to setting it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

here is how you set up renoise as the master :

  • plug the output of your computers mididevice into the input of yor 303
    go to the cofigs/midi tab
  • choose the correct outputdevice
  • choose what you want to send (Clock, Spp, Start/Stop)
  • have fun :)

okay. now i have it hooked up like described but still the only thing that works is the synch. when i hit the keys on the 303 nothing happens in renoise.

You have to set Renoise to input MIDI from your soundcard MIDI input. Select it from the drop down list in Configs / Midi / Midi Input Config (MasterKeyboard) / InDevice in Renoise.

Also check on your MC that it really outputs MIDI. I’m not really familiar with the synth but there usually is a menu somewhere that let’s you select MIDI output channel 1-16 or none. Anything else than none should do the trick.