Mc Chatter

hi - anyone got any acapella’s of mc’s chatting shit real fast like skibba/shabba/eksman etc?


do you have an example? maybe we all could do some research if we knew what you mean with skibba shabba eksman. :P…feature=related…feature=related

some pretty bad examples, but any old dreamscape / helter skelter dnb mcing is what i’m after - the faster the better - with as many chav references as possible.

In vocal jazz, scat singing is vocal improvisation with nonsense words and syllables or without words at all.
Scat singing gives singers the ability to sing improvised melodies and rhythms, to create the equivalent of
an instrumental solo using their voice.
Read more here (wiki)

yes - but the scatman doesn’t usually talk about his nova, or ‘toyota luxury’

does 'ee?

i’ll leave the scat jokes for the rest of you

actually, after a minute on the board i decided to KILL the scatman link to youtube… STILL i HATE THAT SONG.