MCU display support

Hi renoise team,

do you plan on improving the MCU support (via duplex or not) by adding display support ?

Apparently this guy managed to do something, but not up to 3.1

I’ve read the “why bother working on a 1200€ device support for a 80€ software”

This is true.

But nowadays, there’s the faderport8, the X-touch and the Icon stuffs (and even some unexpected controllers like the maschine) that are significantly cheaper.

What do you think about adding this feature now it makes more sense ?

That’d be a huge improvement on the workflow !


You’re right - Mackie-control support has a bugin the most recent versions of Duplex.

Need to fix this and then integrate the MCU display.

I’ve got my hands on a cheap icon controller that does MC, so it makes it a lot easier to support and test.

Hi ! Any news on this side ?

Also, do you think it’s gonna be possible to control devices someday ?


Hi ! Any news on this side ?

Yes, the Duplex MCU support was fixed back in May. I guess you already know this, but still worth pointing out :wink:

Also, Duplex already has text/display support - but it’s limited to values that are transmitted over OSC (e.g. some iPad/Android apps).

Also, do you think it’s gonna be possible to control devices someday ?

Not via MCU, as effect devices are not part of MCU - but within the Duplex effect app, sure.

Actually, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I had access to controller with a display. Then I could better test the code that Rent Demon contributed…

Sorry for reviving the topic…
My last version of the tool manage the display in both modes (mixer and effects).
In mixer mode it only display the names of the tracks, while in effreect mode it displays the device parameters ajustable from each knob. You can select devices / preset / params from the VPOT assign buttons.
Maybe i need to make an “overly” to explain all the button functions…