Mda Talkbox VST And Panning In Send Channels

I have a feeling this is a bug with the plugin.
Check the attached example - panning on the send channel doesn’t work, and makes the signal disappear entirely if hard panned in either direction.

If this isn’t fixable, anyone know a workaround?

To produce sound, Talkbox needs both, a Carrier and Modulation signal (Left and Right channel signals). When panning you do remove/fade away either the Carrier or Modulation signal, so thats expected behavior.

What exactly do you try to do?

Right, I understand that. I’m trying to pan the affected signal - the output of the talkbox plug. You should be able to pan this like you can pan any other mixer channel, right?

Yes, simply use the post mixers pan (the pan slider at the end of the chain) or add a gainer device behind TalkBox then.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been trying to explain - the post mixer pan slider doesn’t work in this situation. It doesn’t pan at all, and when it’s either 50 L or 50 R the signal is completely silent. Isn’t this a bug?

The pan on the gain device does work though, thanks.

There are two volume/pan stages in Renoise.
Pre: Apply before any other DSP in the chain applies (this removes the TalkBox Effect because of the reasons mentioned above)
Post: Apply at the end of each FX chain (this one works as expected)

Select “Post” in the Mixer or use the small pan slider on the end of each FX chain in the Track DSP screen and it will pan correctly.

Oh, right! I feel silly now. Thanks!

Heck, no. This just shows that we haven’t made it clear enough how this works in Renoise. Its always the programs fault.