Me Back On Drums

I’ve been a drummer. :drummer:

I’ve quitted playing regularly in 1998, and since then, I play about 3-4 times an year.

I’m currently moving to a new home where I will live alone, and I will have a DDRUM4 electro-acoustic drumkit.

In the meantime, one of that 3-4 times in one year was yesterday, and I also have some recordings of that which I want to share with you, despite of my horrible drums skills.

click here to listen to funky (the ramp down of volume is at the beginning is due to one of the two spectators who for some reason opened the door and didn’t go to close it :)).

click here to listen to slow rock.

click here to listen to the compulsory “guitar hero” moment.

click here to listen another compulsory moment: the experimental track.

It-Alien on drums,
Centerbe on guitar and keyb,
Drenno on bass.

(note: everything was recorded on the fly while playing, with no idea of what had to be next :)
sorry for some “jumps” into the recordings: that’s not always me loosing the tempo :rolleyes: the jumps also compeltely ruined a couple of other tracks which where the only good attempts at song making :rolleyes:)

One album a day… lol :lol:

You’re onto a winner there with the experimental track, quite nice.

It-Rok-Lord :drummer:

Now all you need is a 11 year old choral section and your right.

for the real hardk0r3 fans of It-Alien, there is also a videclip of another funky moment of the same session.

Who cares, ok, but sitll… :rolleyes:

ah, so that’s what you look like! :) gr00vy
Nice studio.

I’m coming back, i’m coming back…

here’s a short OGG of me playing my Roland TD-20 drumkit today: a 5/4 funk with backings by the TD-20 sequencer.

I’m finally starting to sound as a drummer again!

The last one sounds really awesome. I like the unusual drums.

I had the chance tp play a bit on the drums from a friend, that’s really difficult. Especially coordinating the two feets and hands independently. Seems like i was a really good joke for my friend, he didn’t stop to laugh at all. :blink: