Me Got Hooked On Blogging.

This might be of some interest to some of you.

reading blogs makes my dislexia hurt

yeah, but there is something to hear too ! :D

Where’s the soundclips?

This definately deserves a bookmark. Great idea for a blog!

Yeah, it took me a while to spot them aswell. Click the headline.

btw, I really liked the drums in that Halina Frackowiac song. Are there any drum breaks on the album?

Damn thanks a bunch! That stuff you got there ROX!!

Whats the best way to tell people to click on the headline ?

I added a note now, hope this is enough … :(

track of today is added … and now I will stop advertising here. just come look.
oh, and I am not allowed to say this, but click on that ad if you want, once a week or so. so I can get more records. so you have more fun. lol.

oh and conner, thanx alot for those posts on those boards. :D

No problem, the blog is great. Keep it up!

My idea would be to add an icon next to the heading to show that it links to an audio file.

Take a nice, easy to recognise icon such as:

Then make some simple changes to your Blogger CSS file.

Find the following line in the CSS:

.post-title a, .post-title a:visited, .post-title strong {  

Then add this code inside the curly braces { }:

 background-position:left center;  

The final code should then look something like this:

.post-title a, .post-title a:visited, .post-title strong {  
 background-position:left center;  

Now your blog will look something like this:


I will actually go for something completely different, adding a flash-audioplayer to each post.

the pros are :

  • my traffic wont go over the roof since the song gets cached when it has been played, while the solution now means that all bytes get pushed again and again if someone listens to a song several times

  • no technical problems, really alot of people have flash installed

  • its not that easy to “download” the songs.

I thought about that yesterday and mainly have two reasons for this : first of all I really dont want to get into trouble, overall its not that safe to put hq-songs up there, who knows what happens if I accidently have a song by someone still in the biz, and secondly I really dont want every prick (sorry to use that word, but there are enough out there) with a tiny bit of technical skill to download my songs, not to speak of robots or crawlers surfing the web and adding those files to some
Overall its a documentation of my record collection and not a mp3-download site. I spent time and money to get those records together and just dont want to give them all away that easily. Ofcourse you can still record the output and if someone comes my way and asks me nicely about one song I wont be the “no, f**** off”-guy, but heck, you know what I mean.

Or in a more general way, I am not the kind of guy who gets a boner because he sits on some totally rare records that no one ever heard before and never will. I have fun browsing for records in stores, getting some, going home, putting them on and just wait for the surprise, its really like christmas.
There are some gems in my collection and I want to share that with people, especially since this music is really on the edge of extinction. It wont get repressed, most of those artists won’t have a “best of” collection or anything, mainly because the labels are simply gone. And its not like american funk records which you can still get for 50€ or more on ebay regularly, most of that music is nowhere to be found.

But I also dont want to share this with really “everyone” ofcourse, I would like an “educated” audience who can really appreciate this, but I know there are alot of people out there who can really enjoy this stuff and are happy that they can listen to this music instead of leaving because they dont find a “download” button.

however, only problem is that all the flash-audio-players I found so far are either rather expensive or not really what I am looking for. If you know anything that can be easily skinned and offers “one mp3 in one flashmovie with several possible on a page” please tell me. I tried the simplay from, but its very small (200x20), but if I can’t get anything better I will just use it.

Haha sorry, that was me, curl is my friend.

I see where you are coming from but I, on the other hand, was looking forward to collecting these tracks and embedding the artwork inside so I could look at it on my iPod, bonner and all. I can respect where you are coming from with all the time invested in your collection but, to be frank, there is no reasonable way myself living in Montreal Canada will ever have any sort of material access to this kind of collection. I’ll still check your page and click some advertisements but the flash player is crap to me. If you are going to go through all that work to share such an awesome collection only to get all possessive about it, it’s your right I guess. Might I suggest eBay?


nah dude, I was not at all refering to you.

its actually on the contrary, already you drove so much attention to this blog that I see you care and you will get the links from now on, promised (thinking about making a maillinglist or something for this).

and you are fully right, its for those people living somewhere where they never can get this stuff. but I try to explain again, I have the feeling that if you play that stuff for someone you would honestly refer to me in a “yeah, from a guy from germany I know from the web” manner and not simply go “downloaded that somewhere, already forgot where. kinda nice though.”
not to speak of dudes stupid enough to sample mp3s and making “cool beetz” for their suburbia hiphop-gangsta group.

you dig ? :D

Or am I too possessive ? dunno, might need to think about that some more. I already got a comment by someone telling me that I am stupid to put all this stuff on the web instead of keeping it myself, but as I said thats definately not who I am. I really just want to find the “golden middle”. maybe someone else can comment on that.

All I know is that you have a very interesting and unique blog. Any decision you make is fine by me. It’s your site and your collection, enviable to say the least.

Good luck!