Me in front of the keyboard today

a whole day composition idea in renoise :frowning:

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Seems like you’re also suffering from the “unfinished song syndrome” aka “almost done disease”.
I literally listen way more to my unfinished songs instead of finishing them. If it’s stuck it’s stuck because of very small but also crucial things, 99% of the respective song is finished, but unfortunately 99% means still unfinished. Anyway, if you’re stuck or don’t have an idea go for a collaboration or create a remix, it can make a difference. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would rather say that I don’t have the strength to force myself to do anything.
Probably the weather change or something. Like the joke about the doctor.
So I’m operating on a patient, I think for a moment and then I see that I’m dissecting and dissecting.

make your own rain.

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Powerfull transition effect synth

Yes, better than binaural beats, atleast for me

it is Laal Singh on video :slight_smile:

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alpha waves

I have a “good” Idea for a Wake up ringtone…

progressive and smooth wake up

I will made this the next week