Means to MIDI Input Modulation

I came across a really cool VST called PocketDial from David Su which modulates the MIDI input of any track on a DAW. The concept of modulating MIDI inputs is not possible natively in Renoise. Technically speaking the MIDI input and audio output are taking into account before any sort of modulation on the sound can be done.

A somewhat workaround this problem is utilizing a VST wrapper with routing capabilities in its place. In this case, Kushview’s Element is one of few that has this capability. As such, you can get this going as shown in the screenshot video.


  • Woohoo more shenanigans.
  • Element can open up to other possible uses besides Midi Input Modulation.


  • Not Native, only can use VSTs thus Redux is probably the only “native” way for Renoise.

“Kushview’s Element” has,for now,not the ultimate power

But could be a real monster in future release