Med-style Funk?

Hey everyone,

I can’t seem to finish this song since a month so here’s a preview or whatever it can be called.

Turn off any bass enhancers, I didn’t really master this little piece yet :)

Link: “Please let me be”

Edit: The song (XRNS) is done.

See you.

Like the start, and when the lead guitar kicks in it reminds me of Daft Punk. In a good way! :)

But then you have it, where to go from where you left off… You could always kill the backing guitar, strip the arrangement down and add some acoustic lead to the next part, for variation? Then kick back in with the way it goes around 0:45, with maybe more percussion this time around. Like a chorus.

And then, after that, bridge! And chorus. And end. :)

It sounds cool…
Just drop it for a few weeks, then listen to it again one time (to get back in the groove) and attempt to add another part to it.
Or you can do a coop with this one if you don’t use too exclusive plugins.

HUH! How I would like to give good drums to this!

weee :)

@vvoois: Thanks! I’ll care about your suggestion. I should have thought about droping the song earlier.

@Sagosen: I guess something like your suggestion will come out, if I ever get to finish this. :)
Btw…geez, what are you doing on your avatar there??

@Itty: Drums like in Ultimavera? Are my drums bad? I have to belive you in the end, because you’re a drummer. I’ll drop out the rns (not using any plugIns) as soon it’s done. I’m really excited about your edit!

Thanks a lot for listening and for your comments, guys!

edit: ultimavera, not ultraprimavera. :wacko:

they are not bad; I just think that this soung deserves more variations.

No, I would not add any odd-metered drums like in my progressive rock songs, don’t be afraid :)

I’m done with the song (xrns).
The song also became an entry for the tracked music compo at tUM. I have to admit that my mastering on that song was weak and it sounded very unclear at the party which is my fault. But I’d be happy to know how you guys think about it now that it’s done.

Very nice and delicately funky. The ‘calm bridge’ sounds very impressive. I re-listened to this with a slight tempo groove (20~30%) and enjoyed it again.

Be omide piroozie shomaa dar tUM ;)

Actually it’d be nice if any of the moderators would simply rename the thread title to “Funk” remove the question mark and remove the subtitle to avoid confusion.
But you’re right, kaneel, so here we go:

Med (Mister Electric Demon) is a great tracker musician from France. I got to know him a couple of years ago on the old #renoise channel (on ircNet) and got influenced by his style. He manages to make Funk songs with a tracker that remind me of the 70’s.

A year ago, when I showed up here with the undone preview version of my own song, I kept trying to get in touch with med to ask him what he would think. And I don’t want to spam his guest book with my songs. So I just gave up trying to penetrate a foreighners brain and kept on doing my thing. The final version placed 4th of 6 entries in the Tracked Music Compo at The Ultimate Meeting 2007.

Hi Gilli,

Your track is very nice, i show your source and i can say you work a lot to sound like that with your sample. I like your tune. Well, I got a point on with the bass, it sound to much amiga for me.

Anyway, thank you to remind me.

The album you mentioned on jamendo are 80% done with renoise and the rest with ft2. I release a track on this album :

always done with renoise, i hope you’ll like it.

Again, thanks you Gilli, and happy new year 2008

:wub: You got me as happy as a little child!
I’m speechless. Thank you so much for looking by here, med!
I thought a little bit about the bass and now I understand what you mean. Maybe it should be exchanged with a slap bass occasionally and it might help if it wouldn’t always sustain so long.
It’s a pretty good new year start for me, thank you a thousand times :)

Also big thanks to Ashkan for listening and reviewing and special merci to you, kaneel. I know you’ve been consulting ;)

Happy new year to everyone once again!

ps: It would be a blast to have an It-Alien version released.