Med's music - excellent!

Just a quick post to say how much I love Med’s three songs! Darksable is my favourite - absolutely amazing, and wouldn’t be at all out of place in a film.

thanks you very much.

merci monsieur.

ok i have also listen to “darksable” … nice ideas - really nice … nice atmosphere … MED: in your songs i see the disadvantage of sample-sounds … try to use a a softsampler and try to create a real string arrangement … real self-composed chords and so on … this could improve your song & sound realy!!! :)

cheers, Alex

i compose my chords.

i use actually some akai violon via kontakt

what do you really want to say ?
(i compose all the notes in my tunes.)

oh … sorry … it sounds like chord-samples … the crossing of the string-chords are not so nice in my opinion … but i know some (old) akai-sample-cd-sounds are non-sustain sounds and the sound of the old note stops immediately if a new note is played … maybe this is the reason …

Another reason why we need import of akai/giga (or other multilayer/sample format)
A lot easier to control sustains etc for each singel note. Sounds far more realistic. :rolleyes:

Can not :)
Its a vsti. It has it limitations. Lets say you wanna fade ot your first note in 2 sec at the same time you wanna fade out another note in 1.5 sec. No problem with patterncommands and/or volume automation using a RNI. Impossible with vsti. You can play a RNI note and change the volume/pan/whatever to EACH sample as it plays. Can’t ppl see whats great about this? :)

I do see :)
btw, a renoise effects and generators api would open up for not only samplers but also other softsynths taking advantage of the patterncommands.

Kontakt is great soft-sampler - don’t say: “It’s a VSTi” there are limitations …
with free keymap-dependent velocity and a cool envelope-handling u can produce a real natural sounded instrument … with software like kontakt.
but there are a lot of bad or poor sample-sound-cd’s!!!
i think it’s a lot of work to implement all the features of Kontakt or Gigastudio (or Halion) in Renoise … but i think it’s not impossible - logical - the sample-editor in Renoise and Renoise at all is a great base for a real soft-sampler too …

You know what, Med? I hadn’t even noticed the things some of the other posters have mentioned! I was completely engrossed in your songs - especially DarkSable, which I’m playing right now.