Meet My New Puppy!

Ok so my cat is in these pictures as well.

I am now the proud (or not so proud) owner of a very cute 12 week old
Shetland Sheep dog we have named Murphy.

We were worried that our cat Kali would not tolerate his presence, but seem to really be hitting it off. Even sleeping together!

Don’t be jealous of Kali’s ninja like moves. I think the cat has some kind of wannabe bear complex of sorts. Spends a lot of time upright like the pose below.

cute :)

I have a dog too (German shepherd)… hes getting old though :(

Are those your hands there with those tatoos?

While on the subject: Cute Overload!

Yes those are my tats.

Here are some photos. Not all of them, but some of them -

Here is a haida north american indian mask. I have always liked native art work from various parts of the world and have several peices.

My family is from Italy. People always assume I am spanish because of my name “Roberto” especially living here in south Florida so when asked I kindly show them my arm ;)

This is a work in progress. About 9 hours so far.

4 hours was perfomed about 1 1/2 years ago. That was just for part of the outline.

Went back again a couple of months ago and had another hour of line work involving placing the little scales on it to give it some depth, and then 2 hours of color work.

Went back about a month ago to have another 2 hours performed.

Still requires a ton of work. No idea how many more hours. The tail wraps around my elbow so that needs to be shaded and when a lot of water around it as well.

Here is a bit more perspective. Hard to tell, but the dragon wraps all the way around my elbow. You can make out some of the outline that needs to be shaded.

Koi is right below the dragon which is part of the theme.

This is a maori inspired peice on my right forearm. This is the one people seem to comment on the most. I had this done in 3 sessions. 2 - 3 hour sessions and then another 2.

My mom passed away back in '96 and she used to love collecting little frog figurines. This tattoo is my way of collecting a from for her. When I see it, it reminds me of her.

I have 4-5 more.

Enough about my tatts.

Anyone else here an avid fan of them?

damn :) Your wount have any free place soon :)

I dont have any tatoos. But if i will do it, then it will be something relatevly small and with deep meening for me :)

What about a Renoise tatt?

i personally like the frog the most. :)
i would like so much to get a tatoo, but i’m so insecure of what to get, that i end up not doing anything…

Awwww cute…

I have one tat, left shoulder. Nothing too original but I did design it myself.

Nice! If I could draw I would consider designing my own. I have come up with, what I feel, great design ideas, but I have no idea how to even begin sketching them myself for an artist to use.

If I was independently wealthy and didn’t have to worry about the usual restrictions of a conporate environment, I believe I would be covered from head to toe with tattoos; including my face.

Maybe in the next life I will have this chance or if I become successful during this life and providing I live long enough with my medical nightmares.