Completed another ‘song’. Inspiration died at the 4:36 mark, thus I decided it was ‘finished’. I’ve got a few others on the way, but I’ve been too lazy to finish mixing.

Clov1s? Yeah, lost the other account.

Mix? Far from perfect. No decent speaker system (on break) to test the mix out on. Used earbuds, thus it will sound best on earbuds. Best is a relative term. Bass-heavy to begin with, god only knows how bad it will be on Myspace.

Song? Another dreamy style song, attempted to capture a dream like state through strings and reverb’d drumming. Sleep deprivation may have had a hand in this.

Myspace? I know, I know. I just hope that the Myspace player rapes the sound quality enough to convince you that it’s not my mixing that needs help, it’s the myspace player. :)

Megalith” by Burn the Medic.

Yep, sludge…

But: there’s potentially a good song in here. Try this. Filter out that muddiness with EQ. Replace the break with something more interesting like a ‘click’ sound or something weird’ or LP the lot very low. And LP the chords. Then bring those interesting leads forward with less echo.

Much thanks for the tips.

I’ve had to learn this whole mixing thing on my own, and it’s really difficult. I know how it should sound, but I have no knowledge of how to achieve the sound.

Do some reading up on the matter. Lots of good sources out there, as well as here on these forums. It’s a science, and can be learned.

You need to get analytical too. Listen to your favourite artists on your setup, and listen to how the sounds work, their tonality. You’ll find professional mixes have a lot reduced out of them.