[melancholic idm] lwpss - cold.sun


Nice melody. Almost filmic.

Sounds great and I like how the title seems to fit the mood when I think about it.

Thank you guys :)

I like it. Although there is a sudden end. :)

Juuust got an LFO feeling here in the beginning (Advance reference) :) Love it. Starts well, really well. Build up a bit … regular, then the SOUND AND BEAT EXPLOSION!!!
Like the amount of variety it presents in different tunes.

… hov?!? Then it seriously stopped :)

Well, thank you :)

This is right up my alley. Pleasant melodies and harmonies complimented by a hard glitchy beat, and lots of rises and falls to keep the track interesting. A little amen break to boot. Only problem is it seems like you weren’t sure how to end it ;)

Nice. I particularly like the the pads and synths in the beginning, what did you use to do those?

Thank you :) I’ve listened to Silence by Portishead recently, and this song has very abrupt ending. I decided to create something similar in my work.

Thank you, it’s very nice to hear that :) I’ll answer you on SC.