meldaproductions multimodular effect..just woow

Absolutely amazing modular effect …it

Still in beta …but damn …

What’s so good about?

(I would just try it but it doesn’t support my OS).

well it’s modular …and the quality of the effects are outstanding .

It’s bassically all their effects in one plugin .and there are lot’s of them

compressors,eq’s , convolver reverbs, filters , spectral , granulizers ,frequency shifters …etc…plus .

YOU can create feedback loops …just like in audiomulch …

I am hardcore reaktor user , and most of the time I make my own stuff, but this is so easy to ust patch a few modules together …et voila .;

verry nice

just found that it has x -over filter for the input …woow

Basically means that every modular stack is frequency dependent …wooho

a picture

Effects shown for only 1 x-over band …you can have as many as you want …and the efffetcs are top quality

-interpolated delay lines,convolution reverbs , filter , linear phase eq…waveshapers, distortion …etc

envelope follower …modulaing the frequency of the fequency shifter .

I’m still waiting for them to implement keytracking, till then, reaper works fine for this.