Mellotron Drone, Dark/Space Ambient Melodies

Hi, my last finished song.
Its a Drone drived song, vintage sounds, dark ambient melodies

Hope you like it!

It’s hard to describe what I had in my head after this.
Kinda creepy, and at the same time it gets “I’m at home”-like at around 2:00.
LOL did that even make sense?

sweet track bruv really has a vintage vibe ^_^

Thanks for the feedback!, really.
Irthosis: yeah, thats make sense, I feel the same. I find it a bit dark & creepy, but not with a bad vibe. I feel comfortable with it. And I compose mostly in that time, between 12:00-4:00 am
dubkidflash: really vintage, but not in a fashion way like “I want to make something retro”, instead was: I really like these sounds, I want to make something with them.

I really like your ambient style :) The one in your signature is sweet too (Herz aus Glas). Cool use of volume changes, quite emotive.

Very nice sounds, I especially like the drone that plays throughout the songs. The elements though sort of feel too separate from each other. Some reverb and delay might do the trick. Btw how did you make this? Is it just vst or does it involve some real analog elements?

Vst´s (very carefully selected : ), and sampled sound from very old analogue equipment.

It’s not a finished work, I will do some more mixing and mastering, but not now (I like to let it go and work in another track some time)

Nice ambient :) realy atmospheric