Mellotron Vsti

Anyone know if someone nifty has made a mellotron vsti? It’s quite a beautiful sound and strangely lo-fi too. If there were a decent synth version I would gladly fork out for it.

Then again I could alway hunt out one and buy the real thing…

Mello Zone (Sound module for IK Sampletank)

Mello Rack (only 8 Mellotron setups available, but it costs 9.9$)

M-Tron (the best choice in my opinion)

what’s up? coming to progressive rock? :)

for itnerested people, Mellotron is a tape-based (!!) electronic instrument used by lots of early progressive rock bands (Genesis, Gentle Giant, Van Der Graaf Generator, to name a few).

Most of its “lo-finess” is due to the dragging noise of its tape reader :o

Ha! I’ve always loved prog… I’m not good enough as a composer to really pull it off in a sequencer. When I play lead guitar in bands, though, my prog influences shine through.

I just love the sound of the mellotron. Lots of modern bands use em these days too. That’s cool how it runs on a tape - reminds me of an effects unit I have by Roland that works on a tape loop (it’s the old Roland Chorus-Echo unit). Tapes srew up the sound fantastically!

Thanks for those links… I shall investigate.