Melodic Electronic/classical

Before you get nervous, this is NOTHING like my ambient-stuff, this is “real” music. :)

This is a tune I’m very satisfied with, made for a dance-project thingey. I’ve posted a previous version earlier, but here’s the “final”, only I never seem to be fully happy with the sound of the bassline…

Anyhoo, a violin player will record that instrument some time next month I hope, so if the sound in that department is dull, I don’t care. It’ll get better. :D

Clickety click for download!

I liked this sagosen. A bit different from your earlier work.

Now, off to bed. Toto concert tomorrow. <_<

very nice.
i wanna hear the final version with the real violin, as it sounds kinda “final fantasy 6” right now …

beautiful chord progression though. and great production. i think the bassline sounds great, and the beat is good too